Foundation Repair Methods


If your home needs foundation repair work done, contact Oregon Helical Piers and a certified foundation expert will come to your home and assess the problem and design a solution to fit your needs and budget.

helical pier foundation support

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are ideal for existing structure repairs and new construction, proving to be the best support systems for foundations in wet or environmentally sensitive areas, or in areas with fill materials. They also provide an excellent remedial solution to support and restore settling basement and porch columns, interior concrete slab floors, garage floors, porches, and patios.

porch pier slab support

Porch Pier

This system is designed for smaller slabs that have settled or are settling, a helical pier is used adjacent to the slab and brackets used as underpinning, and usually no cutting of the slab is required.

• Designed for light structures or overhangs
• Used for patios, porches and smaller walls
• This system is small and easily hidden.

basement tieback anchor

Basement Tieback Anchor

This system is used to repair failing retaining or basement walls. This anchor system is designed as a permanent solution to supporting retaining or basement walls that are experiencing horizontal movement (bowing, cracking or leaning). These helical anchors are installed through the face of the wall and anchored into the sounding soil then sealed. Retaining, basement or crawl space walls can be quickly repaired to the original specifications.

The Oregon Helical Slab Pier system will
stabilize and level concrete floors

helical slab pier

A pier is hydraulically driven through a heavy slab bracket to the load bearing soil below; the slab is then hydraulically lifted back to the original design. Used for both heavy commercial projects as well as smaller residential job eliminating the need for a complete foundation replacement.

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