Residential Foundation Repair

Foundation Support for New Homes:
Foundation problems and failures are common in Oregon where many areas have unstable soil conditions. If you are considering building where there are exposed clay, sandy soils, wet or spongy ground or large amounts of fill, call us and we can help prepare the soil for your new foundation.

Leaning chimneys:
A leaning chimney can be the result of many different factors that happen when serious foundation and settlement problems occur. The wet and unstable soils of the Pacific Northwest can cause your chimney to lean away from the house.  Our helical pier technology can quickly stabilize the problem.

Call us and we will send one of our certified foundation experts to assess the problem and give you a no obligation quote.

Foundation Repair - Wall Straighten and Repair - Repair cracked foundation - Bowing and cracked walls -Fix sagging or sloping floors - House Leveling:
The area around the wall (the soil) is usually the cause of these problems. The soil causes a great deal of pressure pushing in on the wall and with no counter pressure pushing out they will start to crack or bow in. The first sign of this unchecked pressure is cracking in the concrete or masonry, and left unchecked could result in total wall failure requiring a complete foundation replacement. There is good news, this type of foundation problem can be repaired using Oregon Helical Pier systems much cheaper then a complete foundation replacement.

Foundation repair cost:
Repair or Replace?
When there are home foundation problems things can look worse then they really are. It is however very important to not take these signs lightly, but the solution may be cheaper then you think. Replacing a foundation can be an expensive proposition that in most cases dose not address the underlying cause of the problem. We at Oregon Helical Piers prefer to fix the causes of the problem by stabilizing the soil and foundation with a permanent warranted solution.

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